Washable Pocket Diapers Set of 5 nappies and 5 inserts

Washable Pocket Diapers Set of 5 nappies and 5 inserts

Washable Pocket Diapers Set of 5 nappies and 5 inserts

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One Size Hybrid 2 in 1 (can be used with washable inserts and / or with disposable inserts).

Suitable for 3.5 kg to 15 kg (from birth to potty training).

The benefits of using Charlie Banana is a matter of comfort and well-being for the baby, it is also a stylish and economical solution for families, plus it is much more eco-friendly than the disposable diaper.

- They do not contain harmful chemical elements such as chlorine, fragrances or traces of dioxin. The skin of a baby, so young and sensitive, causes the pores to absorb everything immediately.

- They do not cause the baby's bottom itch because he will always be sitting on a soft material such as silk, very quick to dry, which allows ventilation and therefore prevents itching.

- The child will be brought faster to start potty training because they will feel (only for the first few minutes with Charlie Banana) the sensation of wetness, which in disposable diapers does not happen because there is the presence of a gel (Sap, which if it is not of vegetable extraction can be extremely harmful) that absorbs water immediately in this way the child does not feel the discomfort of being wet and tends to delay the initiation process into the potty.

- They are extremely comfortable as they are equipped with elastic bands that allow normal circulation even if tight and designed so that the baby's skin comes into contact only with dry and soft materials.

- Easy to wash: Machine washable regularly with other dirty clothes.

- Reliable: Charlie Banana nappies are produced with materials selected by a highly qualified staff.

- Adjustable: They are meant to be adjustable ( with the Bra System used for bras ), very easy to wear. With the Adjustable BRA System you can use the same diaper from birth to the beginning of potty training (almost 2 years).

Lining: 100% Organic Cotton
Upper layer insert : 55% Hemp, 45% Cotton

Shipping in 2-4 working days throughout Italy free for orders over € 69 . Otherwise the shipping cost varies according to the weight of the items:

Up to 3 kg - € 6.90

Up to 5 kg - € 7.90

Up to 10 kg - € 9.90

Up to 20 kg - € 11.90

Collection in person: for those who live in the Modena area and province, there is the possibility to collect the goods directly in the shop at the headquarters in Strada Vignolese 1342, 41126 San Damaso (MO)

Washable Pocket Diapers Set of 5 nappies and 5 inserts

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