⚠️ Would you ever make your child eat a light bulb (perhaps connected to the electricity)?

INFORMATION for an informed purchase:

💡 games intended for children are subjected to many tests to obtain the CE mark.

💡 Some tests are very expensive and others require you to ship several pieces of the same item to Hong Kong. ✈️
(e.g. products that swing like balance boards, rockets)

Did you know?

➡️ Directive 88/378/EEC is very clear.

Many manufacturers of wooden toys on the market declare that they do not have CE certification because it is expensive.

⚠️ Just because a product is made of wood and has "non-toxic" paints does not mean it is safe. ⚠️

➡️ If a child has an accident with a product intended for him, the costs are far higher than those that would be spent on CE certification.

This is why on the market you can find very cheap (non-CE) products and others that cost more but which had to invest a lot to guarantee maximum safety for children and adults!

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