Il Leone Verde publishing house

IL LEONE VERDE was born in Turin in 1997 with the editorial aim of proposing unpublished texts, never translated into Italian or very little known of the wisdom traditions.

Introductions, critical studies and notes to the text are always of a very high standard and edited by specialists in these topics. Translations are always from the original languages.

Despite the scientific rigor, the idea was not at all of specialist readers, but of a vast audience: for this reason the option of the original text was excluded. In these 18 years, texts from the Western and Eastern Christian, Hindu, Tibetan, Islamic and pagan traditions have been published; mystical, metaphysical, symbolic and hermetic tradition texts, as well as hagiographies. There is no shortage of contemporary essays on symbolic and spiritual themes from a traditional perspective. The previous series has been joined by one dedicated to ancient texts of Sufism (I jewels series) which offers texts translated for the first time in Western language, or even first world editions. Finally, the offer is completed by a gastronomic journey through cuisine, literature and alia (Reading is a taste! Series) which now has over 70 titles.

For about 10 years, the series The natural child has been the driving force, dedicated to issues relating to infancy and small children, childcare and parenting from a perspective that is as far as possible from commercial and industrial logic and practices. The series, which currently costs 50 titles, has BECOME A REFERENCE IN ITALY for the setting, the choice of titles and the coherence of the perspective in which all the themes are developed. Some titles (eg. And if he gets hooked, Let's go to sleep) have sold more than 10,000 copies.

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