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We Believe that Happiness is a right.

We should shape the future to let the children reach it in an accessible way.

Children and families are happy when their needs are met.

Children with special needs are entitled to happiness just as
much as able-bodied children.

We produce tools and design experiences that combined together can help all families achieve and increase their happiness.

Sopey, and its team of experts, want to create digital products and quality wood products which
combined together can support neurodevelopmental development by stimulating the growth
and creativity of the child.

Sopey is a brand of Artelligenza.
Artelligenza, an innovative start-up and benefit corporation wants to innovate the education
sector by making it accessible to all children, especially those with neurodevelopmental
impairment or those with different abilities.

What do we do?
The development of a child cannot follow the development of the family and the surrounding
environment. For this reasons Sopey intends to create innovative products that integrate
functionality, adpatibility and sustainability.
Sopey products can be used in the home of all families and in contexts such as playrooms,
schools, public parks or rehabilitation centers
Each of the products we will create will be associated with a QR code that will allow all the
clients to access one, or more, custom-designed digital content and services, usable through a
software platform created specifically for this project.


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